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Domestic Assistance

At Care Partners Australia, we pride ourselves in helping you maintain a clean, safe and comfortable home for your own peace of mind and well-being. We offer Domestic assistance service to the people with disability (NDIS participants) and elderly. We carry out all manner of domestic tasks around the home that disabled & aged people may find hard to perform. Whether its washing dishes or mopping the floor, getting a little help can sometimes make the difference.

We understand that your home is your sanctuary and where your memories reside. So, we want to make sure that you can stay in your home, in your community and live independently for as long as possible. Accessing assistance doesn’t mean giving up your independence all together. Our friendly team can support you in a range of ways so that you can maintain your independence at home.

Our Domestic assistance services include:

  • Taking out the rubbish

  • Cleaning the bathroom

  • General cleaning

  • Vacuuming or mopping

  • Sweeping outdoor areas

  • Tidying paths and steps

  • Watering plants/Gardening

  • Feeding a pet

  • Making sure food in the fridge and pantry is current

If You Have Any Questions Regarding Our Services Or Your Specific Needs, Please Contact Us.

We love and support people belonging to all cultures, and we especially support the marginalised and vulnerable. Our staffra consists of trained and compassionate members from a diverse range of communities, and so do our members.

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