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People with disability are not all the same. Care Partners recognises that every person with a disability has unique health and wellbeing challenges and unique care needs.

With this in mind, our team works with you to develop regular personal hygiene routines that are tailored to each individual’s needs and preferences.

Whether it’s assistance from early in the morning as your day begins, choosing the perfect outfit, regular toileting, manual handling, or more, our focus is on supporting our clients to maintain appropriate standards of hygiene and grooming.

Our clients receive the personalised care they need so that they and they loved ones can have peace of mind and live a happy and comfortable life.

Our Personal Care Services include

  • Personal Hygiene including showering, bathing, oral hygiene, dressing and grooming

  • Toileting, bladder and bowel management and menstrual care

  • Mobility and transferring, for example moving in and out of bed and on or off the toilet or

  • Application of splints, basic first aid due to injuries sustained as a result of a participant’s disability.

  • Use of aids and appliances, hearing and communication devices

  • Eating and drinking

If You Have Any Questions Regarding Our Services Or Your Specific Needs, Please Contact Us.

We love and support people belonging to all cultures, and we especially support the marginalised and vulnerable. Our staffra consists of trained and compassionate members from a diverse range of communities, and so do our members.

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