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Transportation Assistance

Go where you want with Care Partners Transportation Assistance

We understand that sometimes our clients need our help in different ways. For instance, clients may have a family member who would regularly drive them to family visits or medical appointments, but they may get busy with work and other commitments. Care Partners Australia is ready to step in and provide transportation assistance. We can provide a range of disability-friendly transportation options and can even arrange taxi vouchers so that clients who are able to, can travel independently.

Whatever your need, we can help you get out and about in the best way that suits you, while feeling confident and safe: whether you are planning a day out, doing your weekly shopping or heading to a regular doctor’s appointment.

A little help to support you getting out and about tailored to suit your priorities and appointments, our transport services could be just the thing for you.

Our Personal Care Services include

  • Out and about – transport to social gatherings, events and to visit family and friendsdoctor

  • Appointments – transport to medical and health appointments

  • Errands around town – shopping trips and running errands

  • Community – Supporting you with social outings

  • Vehicles – Coordinating special vehicles to support your needs

If You Have Any Questions Regarding Our Services Or Your Specific Needs, Please Contact Us.

We love and support people belonging to all cultures, and we especially support the marginalised and vulnerable. Our staffra consists of trained and compassionate members from a diverse range of communities, and so do our members.

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